Soil Technologies, Inc. (STI) is an engineering consulting firm specializing in geotechnical services.  STI evaluates the soils at building sites and provides recommendations on how best to prepare the soils for the proposed construction. 

STI provides engineering services to both the public and private sectors in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa.   Whether it is for a new project, existing project, small or big project, STI provides the services needed to make a project successful. 
Primary Services/Recommendations:
  • Evaluation of existing soils to determine the type of foundations needed to support the proposed structure.
  • Excavation depths needed to reach competent soils and prevent excess settlement of the foundations and floors.
  • Types of new fill soils that should be placed below the foundations and floors and the amount of compaction needed.
  • Groundwater levels and if groundwater will affect the structure.
  • Gravel and/or pavement thicknesses needed for parking lot and street construction and if geotextiles should be used.
  • For existing structures and pavements... evaluation of what has caused the cracking and what are the potential remedial actions that can be taken.




"Building Your Success On A Solid Foundation"